About Us

AEF Academy

AEF is a youth basketball program that integrates PROFESSIONAL COACHING and PLAYER DEVELOPMENT with the instillation of life-long LEADERSHIP SKILLS that will remain with your athlete even after their basketball shoes come off.

AEF Academy teaches three fundamental values to become an impact player both on and off the court.  ATTITUDE. EFFORT. FOCUS. We know that if you show your best ATTITUDE and give maximum EFFORT while you FOCUS on the task at hand, the scoreboard will take care of itself.  With AEF, it’s not where we play, when we play, or who we play … it’s HOW we play!  AEF is a MENTALITY that creates our CULTURE and in turn, a sense of BELONGING that extends way beyond your athlete, their coach, and their team, as it filters through our entire AEF FAMILY.  You’ll see…it’s CONTAGIOUS!

AEF Academy provides the PLAYER DEVELOPMENT you have been looking for to take your athlete to the NEXT LEVEL. Our state of the art EVALUATION SOFTWARE allows for OBJECTIVE evaluation and ACCURATE team placement and provides invaluable data throughout the season to target the specific skill development needs of EVERY player.