Legacy Teams


AEF Legacy Team Players should NOT attend the AEF Academy Team Placement Academy in August but are welcome to attend the Summer Academies for an additional discounted fee.

AEF LEGACY TEAMS will consist of players and coaches who are part of a pre-existing team and will operate under the AEF Academy umbrella. In order to ensure the AEF Academy values and coaching techniques stay in alignment with our mission of player development both on and off the court, AEF Legacy teams will always have an AEF Academy Professional Skills Specialist running the same drills at each practice station as the AEF Academy Teams and they will follow the AEF Academy practice plan. All the above features of the AEF Academy program are included in the AEF Legacy Team Program, with the exception of the AEF Summer Academies and the AEF Sunday Night Workouts. However, these are available to all AEF Legacy team members at a discounted rate, and all AEF Legacy team are very welcome to attend!

AEF Legacy Team Coaches have the option to choose between the following two packages for their team. Please note the prices below DO NOT INCLUDE UNIFORM, which will be an additional $160 for the jersey, shorts, and shooting shirt.

AEF Legacy "LayUp" Package


The AEF Legacy "Jump Shot" Package


* All AEF Players also receive:

  • 30% discount on ALL additional AEF Programming, Small Group Sessions, Academies, Etc.
  • Families with multiple players receive $50 discount/player for each season with multiple athletes
  • Optional membership to One Gym in Elkhorn (located at 20920 California Cir Ste A600) for just $100/month


To secure your athlete’s place in on AEF LEGACY TEAM, a non-refundable first payment of $300 is required. Participants may choose to pay in full at time of registration, or the balance can be paid in additional installments.