Ignite Your Passion for Basketball This Summer with AEF Academy

As the sun shines brighter and school doors close, AEF Academy is all set to launch the most exciting and comprehensive Summer Basketball Camps in Omaha. We’re not just offering an ordinary camp, but a journey filled with life lessons, intense basketball drills, live games, and countless moments of fun and camaraderie, all grounded in our fundamental values of Attitude, Effort, and Focus.

Nurturing Basketball Stars of Tomorrow

At AEF Academy, we believe in nurturing the basketball stars of tomorrow with a robust curriculum delivered by our trained professional skills coaches. Their energy and intensity are infectious, and they bring their rich experience to create an engaging, instructive environment. Whether it’s honing your shooting skills, mastering the art of teamwork, developing your offensive techniques, or elevating your defense game, our Summer Basketball Camps have you covered.

Jumpshot Into Summer Camp

Our “Jumpshot into Summer” camp, commencing on June 26-29, is the perfect opportunity to fine-tune your shooting skills. We will focus on developing fundamental shooting mechanics, introducing exciting shooting drills, and simulating game-like situations. The camp is designed to provide one-on-one basketball instruction tailored to your needs.

Handle The Rock/Attack The Bucket Camp

We also offer the “Handle The Rock/Attack the Bucket” Camp. This transformative program is designed to build each athlete’s offensive prowess and boost their confidence to charge at the hoop. Campers will learn the art of creating separation from their defenders, finessing their finishes at the rim, and drawing fouls. Moreover, they will also polish their ball-handling skills to create scoring opportunities for the entire team.

Defensive Strategies Camp

Further enhancing our curriculum, we present the Defensive Strategies Camp, tailor-made for athletes eager to amplify their game-day defense. Alongside man-to-man defense strategies, we will guide athletes on applying pressure in a press situation, compelling the offense to make rapid decisions. Campers will master the art of creating a defensive trap and understand the HELP defense principles to support the ball handler’s defender effectively. This camp will also foster improved footwork, communication, and teamwork skills – essentials for a strong defensive game.

Complete Player Fundamentals Camp 

Wrapping it all up, we have the Complete Player Fundamentals camp, putting the ‘fun’ in fundamentals! Here, campers will learn the importance of teamwork, and sportsmanship, and imbibe the AEF values: Attitude, Effort, and Focus.

To ensure personalized attention, participants are grouped based on age and ability with a favorable staff-to-player ratio of 1:10. The camps promise an immersive, enriching experience for a modest fee. 

Small Group Basketball Sessions

For those seeking to refine their skills in a more intimate setting, AEF Academy offers Small Group Sessions. Here, athletes can receive individualized basketball training, discuss specific goals with our instructors, and learn how to independently practice these skills to maximize their development. We offer two distinct small group options at Broadmoor Hills Apartment Gym and Westside Middle School.

At AEF Academy, we provide an enriching, engaging platform to boost your basketball skills through our dynamic Summer Basketball Camps and Small Group Sessions. It’s about embracing the AEF mentality – the power of Attitude, Effort, and Focus.

Visit www.AEFACademy.com to book your spot. Get ready for an exhilarating summer filled with basketball, growth, and lots of fun! Experience the best Summer Basketball Camps in Omaha. See you at the court!




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