Omaha Basketball Leagues: AEF Academy’s Fall/Winter Youth Basketball Program 2023-2024

Omaha Basketball Leagues and AEF are synonymous with each other. In the heart of Omaha, a vibrant basketball journey awaits – AEF Academy’s Fall/Winter Youth Basketball Program 2023-2024. Our mission remains steadfast – instilling Attitude, Effort, and Focus in every player, both on and off the court. Join us as we delve into what makes our program the premier choice in Omaha basketball leagues, focusing on youth basketball in Omaha.

AEF Academy Youth Teams

We are excited to announce that the AEF Academy Fall/Winter Youth Basketball Program has expanded to include 14 youth basketball teams for the upcoming season. This is a significant leap from just four teams last year, a testament to our unwavering commitment to nurturing values of Attitude, Effort, and Focus in every player. With our dedicated coaching staff, meticulously structured practices, and unwavering support from our AEF families, we are poised for an outstanding season.

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Meet the AEF Academy Coaches: Guiding Youth Basketball in Omaha

At the helm of AEF Academy stands Owner, President, and Head Coach, Andy Beck. Coach Beck’s coaching journey commenced at the tender age of 15 when he began learning the ropes alongside his father due to a high school injury. Throughout his career, Coach Beck has mentored teams of varying ages and skill levels, ranging from 3rd graders to 11th graders. Presently, he imparts his wisdom to an average of 70 athletes each week. His passion extends beyond enhancing players’ skills; it encompasses equipping them with the tools to unlock their full potential, fostering inner confidence, and instilling values of sportsmanship and teamwork, both on and off the court.

At AEF Academy, our players are the priority, and we hold our coaches to the same standard. Our coaching staff undergoes rigorous training with Coach Beck before joining the AEF Coaching team. This training encompasses AEF-specific drills, skillsets, offensive and defensive team principles, and the art of positive communication. We place a strong emphasis on turning player or team mistakes into immediate learning opportunities and emphasize the profound significance of their role in shaping each player’s life.

Coach Beck often emphasizes, “If AEF is to deliver the product we promise, it starts with our coaches, who must embody ATTITUDE, EFFORT, and FOCUS.”

In the words of legendary coach John Wooden, “A good coach can change a game. A great coach can change a life.”

AEF Academy Practices: Where Skill Meets Dedication

The AEF Academy Fall/Winter Youth Basketball Program teams will convene for practice at our NEW FACILITY, conveniently situated at 99th and Portal Road in Papillion. Our practices unfold twice a week, with each session stretching across 90 minutes. To optimize learning, each team shares a court with another of similar age and ability, enabling us to translate our offensive and defensive team concepts into action.

Omaha Elite Basketball

At AEF, we prioritize individual skill development, and while each team’s head coach actively participates in practice, an AEF Academy Skills Specialist oversees the drills, ensuring top-notch instruction. Our Skills Specialists not only enhance your athletes’ skills but also contribute to the development of our coaches, embodying the AEF philosophy, mentality, and energy at every turn. AEF Academy is Omaha’s Elite Youth Basketball Sports Academy.

In the realm of Omaha basketball leagues, AEF Academy’s Fall/Winter Youth Basketball Program stands as an emblem of excellence. Our unwavering commitment to nurturing values, cultivating talent, and building a community of dedicated athletes sets us apart. Embark on this exciting basketball journey with us and experience the transformative power of AEF Academy in Omaha basketball leagues and youth basketball in Omaha.




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