AEF Academy Spring/Summer

2023 Tryouts

All athletes who want to play on an AEF Spring/Summer 2023 team MUST try out. There is no fee to tryout, but all participants should register through the link below. If your athlete is not able to make the tryout date/time assigned to their grade level, please email and he will arrange an alternate time to evaluate your athlete.

Evaluation Software

AEF Academy believes that for players to make an impact on their team, it is imperative that they play on a team with other athletes of similar ability level. This starts with appropriate team placement. AEF Academy uses OBJECTIVE software that allows our evaluation staff to rate each player on specific skill categories and subcategories multiple times and by multiple coaches. We can see in real time if a player has not gotten as much attention from the evaluators as another, and we can use that information to guide our focus toward that player until they are 100% evaluated. Evaluators can verbally take notes on each player with the click of a button, while not having to take their eyes off the court. The data is collected and provided back in specific report format for each athlete, clearly showing areas of strengths and weaknesses, which then becomes our baseline for individual player development over the season (and throughout their AEF Academy career!)

Team Placement

The AEF Academy evaluation staff will meet after each tryout session and analyze the data provided by our evaluation software. We know that not everyone will have their best performance at a tryout, some players get nervous, some may be tired after the end of a long day at school, some players will not get as many touches as others, etc. We want to emphasize to every athlete who comes to tryouts…we don’t expect you to be the best! It is OUR JOB to help you be the best you can be! We just want you to come with a great ATTITUDE, give us your best EFFORT, and just FOCUS on your game. AEF Tryouts are going to be a FUN EXPERIENCE for you…it’s just how we roll!

Team rosters will be posted on our website by 8pm the following day and all those who attend tryouts will receive a link to those rosters and instructions on getting your player registered for the season.